Here We Go

So, here we go. After much mulling, a fair bit of indecisiveness, an existential crisis or two, and a wholesome dose of procrastination, I have finally launched my new site. It also has a blog, as you may have figured.

17-year old Alex would probably not return the emails of 21-year old Alex.

For a very long time, I had convinced myself that I was never a person to blog about anything – mostly because I didn't think I was 'clever' enough, and I had a fear that mean people on the internet would laugh at me; but I simultaneously thought nobody would read it, and thus, rendering the entire blogging exercise quite pointless. Yeah, that doesn't make sense. I know. I wasn't too bright.

So, here goes nothing. This will be an interesting experiment, for sure. If it turns out that 17-year old Alex was right and I end up having a bunch of people laugh at me because my posts are terrible, so be it. If it turns out 17-year old Alex was right and nobody will ever read this, so be it.

Speaking of no visitors,

The lovely Mark has convinced me that Google Analytics is apparently inferior to this new fancy analytics tool called GoSquared. I'll be installing this and giving it a try. Maybe that'd make for an interesting blog post. Using GoSquared will hopefully allow me to find out whether it is with more ease than my trusty old pal Google Analytics.

Looks like I'm starting to ramble on, and I better stop writing here before I embarrass myself further. Isn't part of being a good writer to know when to stop? It probably isn't, and now I'm just starting to dig the proverbial hole deeper.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to ignore me and/or throw vitriolic abuse at me in the comment section below.