Today I Learnt (JS)

In 2016 I want to get a hell of a lot better at JavaScript. Part of that involves getting a deeper understanding of what I'm actually writing instead of blindly googling my way around problems.

Writing typically helps my learning process, so I've started a little blog to accompany my journey.

I'm putting this on a separate domain (where I'm deliberately not touching the excellent default Ghost theme for now) as a mental break from my current, spontaneously-updated blog because I have unrealistic expectations from myself on what kind of content I post here.

There will be no quality filters, no minimum post length, and most importantly, I will not refrain from posting something because I'm scared of appearing stupid. I have learnt so much from people sharing their knowledge on the internet, and I'm sure a bunch of it was posted with the fear that somebody would ostracise them and say "duh. everyone knows this, lol, noob". If one person learns one thing from TIL JS, mission accomplished.

This is a huge mental block, and I'm excited to try to overcome it as best as I possibly can.

If you're interested in following along, you can find my JS journey at!

Here's to new adventures.