Hi there!

My name is Alex (he/him) 👋🏼. I'm a web developer with 5 years of experience working with agencies and as an on-site and remote freelancer.

Through my career I’ve tenaciously focused on technologies and projects with real user impact; solid accessibility and web performance principles underpin everything I do. I'm a hybrid at heart and firmly believe that earlier collaboration—and more of it—leads to better products.

I’ve had the chance to work with many fantastic designers and product managers throughout my career, allowing me to gain valuable knowledge to bring along with me. As a result, collaborating with designers to ensure their vision can be implemented in a performant, accessibly-minded, scalable manner is second nature to me, but I also excel at working with an existing design concept.

In terms of technology, I have a broad skill set. Though I stay up to date with the latest technologies and ideas, I also reject dogma and heartily endorse the concept that 'newer' does not always equate to 'better'. Refactoring and improving is in many cases far more valuable than consistently phasing out old for new.

I primarily work with:

  • Semantic HTML
  • Scalable CSS (and Sass/PostCSS/Less)
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Webpack
  • Gulp/Grunt
  • WordPress

Though I’m a front-end developer, I’ve gained a healthy amount of experience with PHP, Ruby/Rails, and MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB throughout my career.

I thrive when contributing to a team environment and make community a priority, both as a freelancer as well as an in-office employee. When I lived in Bristol, I co-organised the Bristol Web Performance meetup. This was immensely rewarding, and allowed me to connect with a fantastic variation of diverse professionals and give back to the community.

I’m happy to provide letters of recommendation upon request. A fair amount of my most recent work is under NDA, however I’m proud to have worked with a diverse array of clients—cxpartners, Lovehoney, Nudge Digital, and Nationwide Building Society, to name a few. I'm thrilled to now be expanding this list in 2019!

Please feel free to reach me directly at:


I would love to answer any questions you may have, as well as discuss how I might be the right fit for your team!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a fantastic day. ✨