Hello, world!

I'm Alex, a freelance full-stack web developer in Bristol, UK. I make prototypes, pattern libraries, websites, and webapps that run fast, work well, and solve real user problems.

I'm infinitely curious about every aspect of the technologies that power the modern web. These days I mostly write full-stack JavaScript, but can comfortably wrangle PHP, Ruby, and MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB into submission in a more front-end focused role.

That being said, I firmly believe we make better things by focusing on design and people over tech for tech's sake; especially as building software requires you to make hundreds of micro-decisions about the user experience in any given day. While I don't consider myself a designer, I'm pretty good at these decisions, having worked with fantastic designers in order to hoover up their knowledge. I can take an existing design direction and work with it without butchering it or having to bother actual designers every five seconds for feedback. I think that's worth something.

Most importantly, I have a relentless drive to make things better. If you do, too, let's talk!


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