Default browser stylesheet font properties

A list of all the default font styles in the browser stylesheet to take into consideration when setting up typographic styles for a new project. Save yourself from the tyranny of accidental faux-italics today!

Freelance: The good, the bad, and the ugly

In which I take a look at my fledgling freelance career and question everything.

Use Git pre-push hooks to stop test suite skips

Git pre-push hooks are powerful, and can stop embarassing premature pushes of your half-finished stuff. I'll hook you up with some tips and tricks.

Today I Learnt (JS)

I'm launching a new microblog experiment focusing on JavaScript, TILJS.

Calculating a Net Promoter Score (NPS) in SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

How to calculate a Net Promoter Score in one query using your favourite SQL-based DBMS.

Integrating prompts into your Shipit deployments

If you use Shipit to deploy things and want to be able to take certain actions depending on user input, this might be the thing for you.

Hardware Hacking Diaries 1: Arcane Thermometer

I play around with Arduinos for fun and profit, and in the end I made the daftest ever Arduino thermometer.

On the word 'guys'

On the implications of gendered language and why I believe we should try to avoid it if appropriate.

Using UnCSS and Gulp in Ghost to create tiny assets

A tutorial on using UnCSS and Gulp with Ghost (or a similar dynamic blogging system) to drastically reduce the size of your assets.

Questions to ask prospective employers as an intern

If you're looking for a placement or internship at a tech company, here are some questions you might want to ask in job interviews or similar scenarios.

I'm joining cxpartners

I'm delighted to be joining cxpartners this June as a full-time developer.

Graduate seeking great company to make lovely web things for

I'm looking for a job. It'd be nice if you'd like to hire me.

How to serve different assets in production environments with Ghost

On implementing Handlebars helpers in Ghost and using them to serve different assets locally and in production.

Migrating your current permalink structure to Ghost 0.4

If you're using Ghost 0.4 and want some form of permalink redirection, it's now a lot easier and less hacky than with 0.3.

Antiviral: Tweetbot regular expressions to mute hyperbole and listicles

I made some regular expressions to make my Twitter experience a bit nicer.

Happy (belated) ninth birthday, Firefox!

Celebrating Firefox and how it shaped my experience of the web growing up.

How to implement permalink redirection in Ghost 0.3

If you're using Ghost 0.3 and want some form of permalink redirection, I explain how, as this isn't a core part of the platform yet.

A Brave New World—Or At Least A New Blog

This blog is now powered by Ghost, which comes with plenty of benefits and some drawbacks.

Yes, people will probably do that on their phone

Despite it being the good lord's year of 2013, plenty of folks believe in the myth of mobile context. People will do everything on their phones.

A love letter to New Adventures

Attending the New Adventures conference is the single greatest thing that has happened to my career thus far for plenty of reasons.

Adjustments (not resolutions)

On what resolutions really mean, and some adjustments I'm making in their place for 2013.

Reasons to be Creative

A summary of the eminent conference Reasons to be Creative 2012.

Here We Go

A new website. Again? Really?