A Brave New World—Or At Least A New Blog

Hello, world. After trying out Ghost for a while, and being most pleased with the interface, especially the beautiful Markdown editor—and for utterly irrational reasons, disliking the last version of the site so much that I didn't even want to post on it.

I'm not the only person feeling like this. Fortunately, several lovely people have kicked my arse into gear, and here we are.

The portfolio/about section of the previous version of the site is gone. This is because 1) Ghost doesn't support pages yet, and 2) I'm quite happy they're gone anyhow. The content was way out of date, and the portfolio section didn't accurately reflect what I've done over the past couple of years.

The only thing that bothers me about my site setup now is the fact that I haven't made a custom theme yet—it feels like a scam to not have your 'own' site as a designer/developer hybrid, but hopefully I can slowly develop something I'm happy with over time.

That being said, nuking the previous incarnation of the site and starting afresh is very, very liberating. If you're stuck in the same rut as I was, I would definitely recommend doing the same!

Now that this is over with, expect the occasional musings to return. I'll be posting about my experiences with Ghost, my final year of university, conferences (no change there…), etc.