Antiviral: Tweetbot regular expressions to mute hyperbole and listicles

(Alternative title: 12 Life Changing Twitter Hacks To Revolutionise Your Twitter Experience)

If you, like I, have seen one or two too many clickbait impression-farming 'viral' articles shared on the internet, and if you, too, use Tweetbot (alternative clients for your favourite social media sites that support regular expressions are available) , my procrastination has a gift for you.

Antiviral is a list of Tweetbot mute filters to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of your Twitter stream, heavily inspired by @snipeyhead's Downworthy browser plugin.

While I entirely realise that high-quality content can hide behind clickbait titles; far too often I give it the benefit of the doubt. I just decided to share something that makes my life a tiny bit better. If you can use this as well, I'm delighted. :)