I'm joining cxpartners

First off, thank you to all the brilliant people who got in touch with after I posted my last post, and if you passed it on to someone, I'm just as grateful.

Thanks to you lovely lot, I've been doing some freelance work the past few weeks, saving me from anxiously refreshing the university 'My Grades' page every 20 seconds. And, fortunately, something even better came out of it: I'm joining the development team of the fantastic cxpartners! After finding out what kind of things they're working on, how they approach development, knowing a few people there already, and last but not least, learning how they work with people, I could not be more excited.

I'm starting this Monday, so I'll be going straight from one thing to the other; and I thoroughly look forward to getting my teeth stuck in some great projects.

Again, thanks to everybody who helped out. I love you all. ♥